Postgraduated Community Service Journal

Welcome to the official Postgraduate Community Service Journal website. As a part of the spirit of disseminating community service to the wider community, Postgraduate Community Service Journal website provides journal articles for free download. Our journal is a Journal which is a reference source for academics and practitioners in the field of Social Sciene especially community service. Postgraduate Community Service Journal is a journal for Social sciene especially community service that published by Warmadewa Press jointly with Postgraduate Program Universitas Warmadewa. Postgraduate Community Service Journal has the content of research results and reviews in the field of selected studies covering various branches of community service both from within and outside the country, as well as in the Postgraduate Community Service Journal also contains the field of study related to the social sciene especially community service in a broad sense. This journal is published 2 times within a year, submitted and ready-to-publish scripts will be published online gradually and the printed version will be released at the end of the publishing period. Language used in this journal is English.

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